Hi Senior!

Ready to rock your upcoming session?

I can’t wait to capture this epic moment in your life.

Closing this big chapter to open another is an amazing accomplishment.

This session is all about having fun.

I want you to feel relaxed going into your session, so leave all the nerves behind.

I’m truly a laid back photographer. 

I love being creative and always observing my surroundings, to find those unexpected shots.

So if I see an opportunity, we’ll most likely bounce around and have fun with it.

During your session I might crack the most cringe dad jokes, but trust me, it's all about getting that natural smile to shine.

So don’t hold back—just go with the flow and watch the magic happen.

Got a wild idea? Tell me! This session is all about turning those thoughts into awesome reality. Let’s do this!

Props and Accessories:

Consider bringing along props or accessories that represent your interests, hobbies, or achievements. This adds depth and personalization to your photos.

Posing and Expression:

Practice some poses and facial expressions beforehand to feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Relax, be yourself, and let your personality shine through.

Stay Hydrated:

Make sure to drink water and eat a light meal before your session to stay hydrated and energized throughout the shoot.

Things to bring:

You may want to pack a tote with hair clips in case the wind picks up.

Water bottle, lipgloss, flip-flops if you are wearing heels, small hand towel in case you need to wipe your face.

I also bring along a changing cover that goes over your body with just your head out. This allows you to have privacy while changing under.

Have Fun:

Lastly, enjoy the experience!

Your senior graduate photography session is a celebration of your accomplishments and the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

Relax, smile, and cherish the moment.