Hi Mom!

For nine months your body worked hard to grow a tiny human. Those nine months came and now they are gone and just like that, you hold in your arms, the sweetest blessing your heart desired. Hold on tight mama, these moments are going to be amazing and I'm so excited we get to capture the very first days of this new chapter in your families life.

In this guide, you'll find some helpful tips that I have created, after many years of experience in shooting newborns. Each of these are highly important in creating a calm and comfortable environment, for your sweet baby. As long as baby is nice and sleepy, your session will typically last anywhere from 2.5 hours - 3 hours long.

What to expect

As we have previously discussed, my studio space is located in-home and on the second floor. I do ask that everyone take off shoes at the door before entering. Wearing something easy to take on and off at the door would probably be an easier process. I also have shoe covers if you prefer to wear those instead.

The space we are shooting in doesn't have much wiggle room for kids to run around, I do ask for you to please keep a watchful eye on your little ones.

There is a lot of things they may want to get into and play with, or maybe even try to climb or pull down.

Feel free to bring along some of your toddlers favorite things to keep them occupied during the session. If mom is alone, it might be helpful to bring a relative or friend along to help out. There is also a neighborhood park nearby and an Orange Leaf for yogurt.

I do not mind snacks inside the studio, but since everything in there is majority white, please do not bring any foods or drinks that may stain.

Example: Cheetos, red juice, m&ms, etc.


I usually keep the studio around 76 degrees and then I also have a small space heater going for some extra warmth for baby. The heat is probably the most important element in a newborn sessions. Babies love it. They stay cozy and asleep.

After all, they are use to being in moms 97 degree body for 9 wonderful months.

So if we are doing family photos, we will typically begin with those shots first.

Please feel free to bring something comfortable to change into, while we are doing shots of baby.

Noise level

Another important step in keeping baby asleep. For this particular session, a calm space really does help the session move quicker. Since baby is going to be moved around often for different posing, the loud noises can startle baby into an awaken state. I have surely seen it first hand and when this happens, the sessions usually will run longer because of the time spent putting baby back to sleep.

​I know this can be a little tricky if you already have little ones and your new baby might even be use to it, but I would just ask for you

to be aware of babies condition at that time. If baby is startled or moves around a lot, then I am unable to get the right shots of baby and may have to skip

certain poses.

Babies safety

Your newborns safety is my number one priority during their session. If I ever need assistance for a certain pose, I will

ask either mom or dad to lend a hand during that time.

If you have other smaller children, it's really best to sit down with them and let them know who I am and what I will be doing when you come over. Once I begin preparing baby for photos, please keep any smaller children from running and jumping on the posing bean bag that baby will be on. This can really be dangerous, especially when baby is on the poser. Please supervise children at all time.

Thank you so much for reading

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me directly to 713.202.5995.

I'm always a phone call or text away!

In-home studio address

12427 Oakcroft Dr

Houston, TX 77070