Maternity guide

Congratulations mama! I'm truly over the moon excited for you and am honored to work with you and capture this beautiful moment in your life. In this guide, you will find some of the best tips and tricks for a successful maternity session.

The day of your shoot, I recommend to moisturize your belly before the session to avoid any dry looking skin. Especially if you're looking to get a few bare belly shots. Nude panties and bra are best if you choose any maternity dress that may show or expose certain areas. If you've picked anything with black lace then black bra and panties are great! Try to avoid wearing tight panties and bra. A looser fit will ensure that no lines will form through tighter fitting dresses. If you're interested in any images of you in just your panties and bra, then sets are perfect for this. Nudes, blacks, whites or any coloured set you prefer. Soft colours and lace photograph best. This is also a great option to have just a blanket or cozy cardigan wrapped around you with your belly popping out.

Pay attention to your nails,

A lot of images will be focused around your hands and having them on your tummy and cradling your bump. I will be taking lots of images of you holding your partner's hands as well. This is a perfect time for mom to go get pampered beforehand or even applying a clear coat can make a huge difference. I would stay away from using bright neon colors or anything that will pop out. The goal is to have everything flow nicely together.

I am so excited for you and your family to have these images to look back on. Whether this is your first child or second or third, it is your legacy. Pregnancy is a chapter of a new beginning in any stage in your life and documenting it is something you will never regret doing. Maternity sessions are one of my favourite sessions to photograph because there is a natural excitement and love in everyone's faces which shines through in every image. I look forward to our session!

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