Family Guide


Your family session for 2020 is booked!


You can bet, I am over the moon about working with you and your family.


Now that you have made it this far, that means your session is just days away and getting your family prepared for photos, is

a pretty big deal. So here is a helpful guide to preparing everyone for what's coming.

Helpful tips

  • Lotion! Oh this is a huge one. Please make sure everyone has lotion applied to their skin. Especially on elbows, knees, knuckles, ankles and hands. These are things that cannot be adjusted during edits. 

  • Clothing wrinkles! So this is kind of a big deal. Please make sure your clothes are ironed and laid flat or hung before your session. If your skirt is long and silky, it might be best to keep it on the hanger until you arrive at your session. This also applies to children's outfits. Major wrinkle issues would take a lot of adjusting and an additional fee may be applied.

  • Hands and feet! Your hands and feet will most likely be very visible during these photos. It's a great time to treat yourself with a day at the salon for a mani/pedi. If you run out of time, even the simplest thing such as adding some clear polish to your nails makes all the difference in the world. 

  • Children's hands and feet! Please make sure your child's fingernails are free of dirt or food before your scheduled session. Be aware of any snacks or foods that may stain children's hands the day before your session, such as Cheetos or food with coloring in them.

  • Hair! We can never predict our weather 100%, so just in case of a windy day, bringing some bobby pins or a pretty barrette might save the day.

  • Shoes! If you plan on wearing heels during your session, bringing a pair of flip flops to wear during our walks will be the best thing ever. You'll thank me later. Don't forget a tote bag!

  • Snacks! If you have toddlers, don't forget their favorite snacks and water, because we all know sometimes children just need a little pick me up while they are out and about.

Preparing your family


When it comes to photos, we sometimes may over think how the outcome will be, we might then start stressing out and cause ourselves a bit of unwanted anxiety. I want this experience to be joyful and memorable for you and your family. So the best advice I can give you, is to take a deep breath and let go of all your worries and have fun!

I promise just by doing that , you will love your photos even more once they are delivered to you.


Interaction is so huge during your session. Laughing with each other, smiling, joking and just simply loving on one another, is the best kind of formula you need for a great session.

Not every image needs all eyes on the camera. Look into each others eyes instead, make those connections and have a great time.

To keep small children in a happy mood, please refrain from getting after them for not looking directly at the camera.

Sometimes smaller children may need a bit of time to warm up and that's ok! 


So that means if your child decides to run off in the other direction, pick them up and turn them in to an airplane and go for a ride!

I'll be right there capturing all the fun as it unfolds.

If you have older kids, in their teenage years, it's best to make sure they know how much these photos mean to you and one day when they are older, they'll be able to look back and cherish them, just as much as you do right now.


So even for teenagers, smile, laugh and joke around is the best way to get through your family session.

Be yourself. Be free. Work the camera and use all those poses you practiced while taking those selfies!

Whether your children are small or older, if everyone is having fun, your session is going to reflect just that!


Sure, I'll pose your family in certain ways, but, we want to make sure we are capturing your families chemistry as well.


Genuine, raw love. 

I'm so excited to hang out with you and your family.