First Birthday fun!

Once again, thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer when it comes to capturing such a fun milestone. These sessions are one of my top favorites!

I like to first start the session with just baby and an outfit of your picking. We'll capture his or her sweet personality and little details that make your baby who they are. Crawling, walking, standing, just depending on where they are at. Each session will look different, just depending on how your baby

reacts to it. I'll play some fun music to get them going, but I encourage mom to dance around and be silly with me, to get your little one in a happy mood.

Please make sure baby has had a meal or a good snack before arriving to the studio. This will ensure baby is happy, full and ready for some fun. Bringing a favorite snack along and drink is also a good idea for pick me ups in the middle of photos.

After all, food makes everyone happy!

Sugar Rush!

After spending about 20 mins on the first half of the session, we'll spend the remainder capturing baby eating cake!

Baby can stay in the same outfit or change into a cake eating outfit.

This part looks different with every baby. Some babies are more reserved, while others dig in and don't even bother using their hands. H A H A!

Babies usually don't eat much sugary foods by this age, so this is a big experience for them. I like to use naked cakes for these photos with white icing. This will allow baby to consume less of the real sugary parts and also from getting overwhelmed in a bunch of icing on their hands. The white icing won't stain clothing or skin and no dye consumption to worry about.

Please bring a hand towel that we can wet and a large towel to dry off baby. Wipes and some clean clothes to change into.

Your baby may need to drink milk, water or a juice afterwards, so please bring their cup along.

Once you arrive

The address to my in-home studio is 12427 Oakcroft Drive, Houston TX 77070

There is a black swing hanging in the front yard. Please park in front of the house and text me to 713.202.5995 once you arrive, so that I can come down and open the door.

I do ask for everyone to take shoes off at the front door, as my studio area is located on the second floor. Looking forward to seeing you for your session!

I'm always available via text if you need anything.