Family First!

Once again, thank you so much for choosing me as your family photographer. These type of sessions are such a fun time!

Getting in front of the camera can sounds intimidating at first, but I like to lead my sessions with having fun in mind.

Letting go and embracing each other.

You hired me to capture your connection with your family and not your connection with my camera. (Don't worry, we'll still get a mix of shots looking at the camera) So just remember while we are shooting, to take in the moment with each other, breathe, snuggle and love on one another.

Play with your kids and get lost in their imagination. Do the things that you normally would, when no one is looking. Don't be afraid to laugh big! These are the moments you want to remember forever.

Trust me.

When you look back at your life and see these photos, you'll want to remember all the joy and happiness you guys shared at that very moment.

I started this photography journey so that I could freeze those kinds of moments of my own kids and I want those sweet moments frozen for you as well.

In order for me to do this, we all have to be on the same page. That means that your one and only job during the session, is to love your family. Don't worry, I will lead the way to help encourage those laughs and giggles, but the real magic happens when you take a deep breath and forget all about my camera.

We will take all the little combinations such as mom/child(ren), dad/child(ren), mom/dad, kids together and solos.

If your session is in my in-home studio, I do ask that everyone take off shoes at the door before entering. Wearing something easy to take on and off at the door would probably be an easier process. Typical with these photos we also shoot barefoot as the studio is more of an intimate setting.

Since the space we are shooting in doesn't have much of a wiggle room for kids to run around, I do ask for you to please keep a watchful eye on your little ones. There is a lot of things they may want to get into and play with, or maybe even try to climb. Unfortunately, any eating in the studio is not allowed, so please make sure your little ones have had a light meal or snack before entering.

Please make sure any drinks that are brought in are not red or having any staining agents inside that will make a mess.

Please save my number in your phone, so that you can easily reach out to me whenever. 713.202.5995

In-home Studio Address:

12427 Oakcroft Drive, Houston, TX 77070

Looking forward to our session together!

baby photographer


Prior to your session, it may be a good idea to avoid giving any kind of snacks or foods that can stain your child's teeth, tongue and fingers. Things likes colored candy, Cheetos, juices, etc.

I do recommend feeding your little ones a light meal prior to their session, so that they are happy and ready for photos.

Prior to your session, I recommend applying lotion on everyone's elbows, ankles, knees and really any parts of the skin that may be exposed. This is including dad. For mom, having a nice mani/pedi or a clear coat always looks great on camera and well, you also deserve some pampering!