To eat or not to eat the cake...

Earlier this year I met this sweet family at one of my mini sessions. Their adorable Roman would be turning one soon, so we planned to meet again for his photos + get some more family shots of them.

I get asked all the time, how do toddlers do on these sessions? Truth is, we really don't know how the little ones are going to react on this day. We can only imagine that they would tear open the cake and enjoy it like we all would, if cake was in front of us.

This day, Roman wasn't really feeling cake 100% though.

Totally ok and luckily, I have all the patience in the world. I'm a mother myself, so I completely understand that a child's mood can change on a daily basis. It's also another reason why I schedule these sessions around nap times.

The session went on and we got through some sweet family shots, gave Roman a break and let his older sister show him how it was done. She was an absolute doll! Towards the end of his session, he gave us some cute little gems for mom to cherish and now that I think back, he might just have been a chocolate cake lover and not a vanilla guy at all! =)

With over a 100 solid images to pick from, here's some of the families top favorite images.

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