Starting August 13, 2022

New program alert!!

I really wanted to come up with a way that I can show my appreciation towards my tribe of folks.

With social platforms always changing and making it so impossible for small businesses to communicate to our audience, I wanted to come up with a way to send back some love to my tribe.

Facebook will only send me a notification that my business was mentioned, but it won't show me anymore details other than that. I hate not being able to thank my tribe for that kind of support.

This program is my way of buying you coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

How it works:

1: Must be following Monro Photography on Instagram or Facebook.

2: Every referral that books and pays for their session, YOU will earn $20 cash.

3: Referral must mention your name at the time of booking.

How will you receive the money?

Money will be sent via Venmo or Apple Pay only

Payment will be delivered the day after the session is shot.

Example: Referred client books in May with a June date.

Money will be sent to you, the day after the session is shot in June.

This is just a layer of protection against possible scammers.

There is no limit to the amount you can earn. Once you have referred 5 clients that have booked, paid and their session has been shot, you'll receive a voucher for $100 off any booked session with Monro Photography.

That's a total value of $200!

Once again, I am grateful, thankful and blessed for you being here and your continued support.

Looking forward to continue creating timeless collections for you!


Monica Ro.