Few things to know about first birthday sessions

These sessions are meant to document your babies personality.

We add the cake in at the end, because it's sort of a classic tradition now for many years and a fun way to watch them use the Baby-Led Weaning method. (BLW)

These sessions usually have multiple outfit changes. I always start off with outfit number 1 and just let baby lead the way. Of course there is mom or dad making funny sounds and faces behind the camera, along with myself of course. Throw in a few props that I do provide or you are welcome to bring items as well. Perfect time to use any heirloom items you may have. If you decide on including a family session, I'll start adding those shots in, around this time as well.

Let's talk multiple outfit changes real quick. With these sessions it's best to layer clothing if you want to go for different looks. It's easier to take off clothes, one piece at a time, than to do a complete outfit change. Babies will get overwhelmed quickly and could then lead to a fussy baby for the remaining session. I always recommend no more than 2-3 outfit changes because of this reason.

Do I need to do the cake part? Cake is actually an add-on to these session. They are not required at all.

If you decide on adding a cake, they are typically 6" cakes and I highly recommend using a naked cake with white icing. Too much icing can be overwhelming for babies and you want them to dig into the actual cake part as well. You are more than welcome to bring your own, but I can provide one from a local bakery if your child does not have any food allergies. These cakes are an additional $30.00, but of course the prices of those could change at any time.

This cutie was a joy to hang out with! We shot early morning and the weather was so nice out.

This color scheme has been a hit this year with the boys. Who else loves it?!

Happy Birthday Angel!

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